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NSW takes Jack Hamilton VC Trophy

Terry Howard

3 May 2024

Last round matches decide the winner

In what looked like it should be a tight finish to the Jack Hamilton VC Trophy competition, New South Wales proved their mettle and defeated last year's winner in the final match to take first place.

Three states were in a possible win scenario going into the final round. Victoria and South Australia were each in the top three along with New South.

It is interesting to note that SA was in its best position for many years however, not only did SA need to beat Queensland but it needed both New South Wales and Victoria to lose their matches for the host state to take the trophy - an unlikely result given the strength of our two most populous states.

As it turned out, New South Wales won their match with Western Australia and Victoria had a comfortable victory over the Allies. SA did achieve a victory over Queensland giving the top three states for this carnival bragging rights for last round wins.

Final placings were NSW clearly on top with 8 points, followed by Victoria with 7 points plus 30 shot margin and South Australia third on 7 points plus 29 shot margin.

Congratulations to New South Wales on their win.

Congratulations must also go to Marion Bowling Club for providing excellent greens for this part of the carnival, along with great meals and friendly to all participants and supporters.

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