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Meritorious Service Award to Jim Nicholson

Terry Howard

4 May 2023

Service to National Council rewarded

Our traditional side dinner held at the Grosvenor Hotel last night (Thursday 4th May) was enhanced by the surprise presentation of the Meritorious Service Award to our long serving member, Jim Nicholson.

This award is given only after approval at a National Council Annual meeting and is awarded for service to the National Council over a minimum of 7 years. During that time the recipient will have served as a delegate to the Council and will have served as National President at least once. The recipient may have also served as National Secretary, or as National Treasurer. State level service does not contibute to qualification to Meritirious Service to National.

For those who don't know, Jim's service at National Council level goes back to 1990/91 as President of SA, thus making him our delegate to National Council,

This was followed by:

  • National Vice President - 1991/92

  • National President -1992/93

  • State President and delegate for each carnival from 2007/08 through 2012/13

Jim thanked everyone for their support over the years and said he was very pleased to have been nominated for the award. Jim received has award from Trevor Whitelaw acting for President Barry Horner who unable to attend the dinner due to illness.

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