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South Australia beats NSW!

Terry Howard

1 May 2023

3 shot victory to SA over old rival

In the final match of the Jack Hamilton VC trophy series, South Australia fought out a much needed win in the match against arch rival New South Wales. The final scoreline at 105 ends was SA - 116 to NSW - 113.

We believe this is the first time since the 1990s that an SA side has defeated NSW in the Hamilton trophy event, which makes the victory just that little bit sweeter.

There were wildly differing results on each side that could have seen the match go either way and made a close finish inevitable.

The teams of Col Davies and John Diestel-Feddersen set the scene with impressive wins of 19 and 20 shots respectively. Brent Marshall and team chipped in with a 5 shot win. Unfortunately Terry Howard's and Ric Griffin's teams were beaten on the day but the overall is the only score that matters.

Asked for comment, Col Davies said: "The whole team rose to the occaision. I put it down to the fast green ... we were lucky that Lynn, Trevor and Mick found their line and length perfectly from the start. I think Trevor (Whitelaw) played the best game I have seen him play and the other two were as good as Trevor.

The opposition played really well but what I will remember about this particular match is the smiles I saw on the three faces as we crossed over each end ... the rink really gelled that day."

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