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Trevor Whitelaw Honoured at National Carnival

Terry Howard

30 May 2024

Meritorious Service Award for years of work

At the National Council meeting held on 1st May 2024, the council voted that Trevor Whitelaw should be honoured with the receipt of the Meritorious Service Award.

This is the only award the National Council can make. Qualifying for this award requires many years of service to the National Council in addition to the years spent on the state management committee.

Trevor's CV is impressive and includes 3 terms as National Council President and 3 at National Vice President. Altogether, Trevor served as an executive member of the council for 9 years as he also acted as National Treasurer in the absence of Rod Murray for 3 years.

Trevor has also served as SA delegate to the council on four occasions in person, and at a number of zoom meetings during the Covid lockdowns.

On top of all this Trevor has found the time to run each of the last four Adelaide National Carnivals including the prestigious 50th carnival in 2016/17 almost single handedly.

Whilst Trevor had qualified to receive this award some time ago, he had always resisted any move to nominate him until a change of mind following the 54th Carnival in Perth.

The committee is sure you will join them in congratulating Trevor on this much deserved award

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